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BB cream is the mainstream of natural makeup in Korea. It can also be used for sensitive skin, while regenerating the skin, it has a moisturizing effect and high covering power It is popular to be shown to natural beautiful skin while covering the defects of the skin. It is a multifunctional foundation that combines the functions of moisturizing cream, base cream, sunscreen effect, foundation, concealer, etc. with one BB cream. Also, it is also strong against sweat and water, so make-up collapse is difficult.

When using BB cream, making bare skin becomes very important.
As a work on the day before BB cream is applied, it becomes necessary to carefully drop dirt and horny skin of bare skin. Let’s keep the moisture firmly after you clean the dirt firmly just like https://www.majesticslotsclub.net/fr/. Whatever makeup you do, it will prevent spots and dullness by dropping dirt firmly. We recommend that you do not spare trouble and drop it steadily.
When attaching BB cream, using BB cream after preparing the skin with lotion etc etc, the moisturizing effect of BB cream is demonstrated firmly and after a few minutes the natural makeup is completed by firmly adapting to the skin That is why.

Procedure for using BB cream
STEP 1 After
washing your face, I will prepare my skin with lotion and milky lotion.
Let’s dry lotion and milky lotion and let’s put BB cream on dry skin.
STEP 3 Get the
appropriate amount. (Let’s take a small amount so that it will not be thickly coated.)
STEP 4 Attach
the BB cream you took to forehead, flowers, cheeks and chin.
Let’s extend the BB cream outward from the inside of the face using hands. If you extend the
BB cream, let’s spread the whole face to warm your hand with the palm of your hand.

<The point to clean the BB cream> In
order to make it natural, it is a point to make it familiar like banging the BB cream lightly with the palm of your hand.
Let’s try to attach politely with the fingertip to the part where it is likely to be thick-painted by fan dashan such as a nose.
After applying BB cream to the whole, BB cream will become familiar perfectly to the skin by telling the warmth of the palm by wrapping both hands over the face.